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 Globalization is easy to achieve!

You plan to win the international markets?
You are interested in exporting or importing?
You often speak to your foreign partners?

Our agency would be of invaluable help in offering you the high quality translation solutions from and into 25 languages of the world. You will be pleasantly surprised by the proficiency of our accredited translators at a very reasonable price. 

 You intend to go abroad?
To start a new job?
To continue your education?
For permanent settlement?
Or simply for a holiday?

Our agency will provide you with best quality translations of your documents and will consult you in all matters related to translations, legalization and their validity in other countries. 

We offer the best service for your business:

Translation and interpretation
You'll surely be satisfied by our multinational team of professional translators, webmasters, editors, scientists, whose vast experience and expertise in different areas is completely at your disposal. 

Web-site translation, localization and Web-design 
In our modern world it is of critical importance to make a good multilingual Web-presentation of your company that would be accepted and highly appreciated by many target nations rather than one. 

Confidentiality of our customers

We pay a great attention to confidentiality of business and personal information of our clients. All our employees sign special agreements where they assume the responsibility not to divulge the information received in the course of collaboration with the customer, and not to use it in other not related to translation purposes. 

We support all formats
Our utmost technical facilities enable us to draw-up for our client the translation that will completely match the original  in any data transmission format using such Windows based applications as: MS Word, Excel, Power Point, FrontPage, Adobe Photoshop, Corel, Quark Express, Html formats, and many other. 

  Worldwide Delivery of Documents
Express delivery of documents and parcels to 212 countries.


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